Graduates from The Richard Stockton State College of New Jersey with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design. This is where I learned the skills to get me started in the world of print and web design.

Worked with the web development company JS Web Studios. This was my first meaningful introduction to complex web strategies for an ever developing web market. My responsibilities include web design, artwork, coding and project management.

Hired by The SandPaper Inc. where I mastered the print design skills to create engaging newspaper and magazine advertisements. Learned the CMYK print process and to properly create documents to be used on web and off-set printing presses.

Created JSK Graphics to provide print & web design services for customers throughout the United States.

Promoted to Production Manager at The SandPaper Inc. My duties include: art direction, maintaining strict deadlines for various print products, office IT work including server maintenance, advertisement design, website updates and staff scheduling.